"Yes, I wish there were more books about the female experience of sex and drugs and toughness, but, as a woman, if you write about something that’s explicitly calling into question how men and women interact and what’s expected of them, then that’s what your book is about and those are the terms on which it’s evaluated. It’s considered a man-hating book or a feminist book, and the author is treated as having written a manifesto or an idea book rather than literary fiction, whereas, if a man writes a book with those elements, it’s judged differently. That bothers me."



ideal runway moments

I dare Phoebe Philo to play this

"Blackness is the most hated thing on this planet until it is needed to build people’s business, social lives, and sense of style."
— Trixstra (via checkprivilege)


"the thing about communism is that it only works on paper"
the thing about capitalism is that it only works on top of millions of proletarian corpses


Probably some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken.

Rented some tradition wooden plank boats used by fishermen in Ghana and met some young Ghanaians who definitely showed us a thing or two how it’s done. Thankful I was able to wade out and capture some awesome shots of these guys.